Computer Aided Design in mechanical engineering

General informations

The NX tutorial sessions take place in CAO room located in building B52, level 0, room 0/413.
In case of problem with these tutorials, please contact Martin Purnode at and use the beacon "[CAD tutorials]" at first in the object of you message.

Siemens NX training 2021

Two versions of NX are available on the website given below. Prefer NX18 if you don't have NX12 installed, but there are no major differences.
New licenses: "NX Academic - Core & CAD" and "NX Academic - CAE & CAM"

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Tutorial files
Some good practices

The Siemens NX training sessions do take place in the CAO room located in building B52, level 0, room 0/413.

Sketching tutorials

This part is dedicated for those who were not trained to use NX sketching module, which is the part that allows the user to create different pieces that can then be used in an assembly, a Finite Element analysis, a Fluid Mechanics analysis, ... This section also include a tutorial that gives you the basis for the three views drawing (according to European convention).

Angled part Drafting Connecting rod Cap Sink Cockpit Hat Mouse Stirling

For these tutorials, you may need these files: Angled part (for "Drafting"), Sink and Cockpit

Metal sheet design tutorials

The disign of metal sheets is proposed by a specific module of NX. This section aims to offer you an overview of the different possibilities it offers.

Hexagon Casing

Assembly tutorials

This section includes tutorials for assembly procedures when you have created your different design pieces. You will also find a first overview of the Motion module, that offers the possibility to see the different motions allowed in an assembly, as well as a method to obtain basic motion data.

Tutorial Tank Steam Train Gears Stirling assembly
Associated files Tank files Steam train files Gear file Stirling files

Finite Element Analysis and Fluid Mechanics

This section focuses on the method used for the creation of 2D and 3D meshes, finite element analysis, fluid dynamics, post processing and several operations in the creation of simulations.

Tutorial Associated files Objectives
Impeller Impeller file Introduction to the selection of the material. Creation of a simple mesh in 3D. Creation of a simulation file with loads, boundary conditions. Visualisation of the results, post processing and creation of simulation video.
L-bar L-bar file Application of the technics presented in the tutorial "Impeller"
Valve Valve file Introduction to the use of fluid dynamics and creation of separeted 2D and 3D mesh. Use of a 2D mesh to represent a 3D surface by the introduction of a virtual thickness. Application of bounadry conditions for fluid dynamics
Aircraft Aircraft files Structural analysis of an aircraft submitted to gravity and distributed pressure. How to create a distributed pressure on a wing. How to sew 2D and 3D mesh. Correction of geometry deffect in the mesh.