INFO0026 - Computer Graphics

Next lectures 2018 (may change):

February 6, 27 14h00-17h00
March 13, 27 14h00-17h00
April 17 14h00-17h00
May 8 14h00-17h00

Lab schedule:

February 20 14h00-17h00
March 6, 20 14h00-17h00
April 10,24 14h00-17h00
May 15 14h00-17h00


06/02 (updated 02/02)

The four square test images, as well as the ruler to determine approximately the gamma correction needed for a particular screen (click to see it 1:1):

27/02 (updated 7/02)
Document on re-sampling strategies.
13/03 (updated 27/02)
27/03, 17/04 (updated 13/03)
Articles 1, 2 and 3 refered in the course.
Original article of Kobbelt's sqrt(3) subdivision scheme
17/04, 8/05 (updated 11/04)
article on "Metropolis Light Transport".
Video on the use of normal maps for realistic rendering.
08/05 (updated 08/05)
Color correction scripts (works on GNU/Linux - Debian-like distributions)

Old exams

June 2009
June 2010 and responses..
june 2013 and responses..


Available subjects (those in parentheses have already been chosen)

(see lesson 2 for more details)
1 - Subsurface scaterring
2 - Interfacing with an existing solid modeler
3 - Metropolis algorithm
4 - Efficient Rendering of CAD primitives

"Homemade Raytracer"

Access via Subversion :
The URL is
command : svn co gray

A standalone archive of the original version is available here .
If you use the up to date subversion access
you have to copy the nutil and ply folders from the standalone archive in the gray folder (these are external dependencies)
Then, cd in the source directory and configure with cmake :
~> mkdir build
~> cd build
Then, compile the executable
~> make glgray
and run !
~> cd ..
~> build/glgray
use mouse to move viewpoint / type 'r' to render
Cmake (makefile generator) available here
FLTK SDK available here
With Linux, a precompiled version is usually existing (libfltk1.x-dev)
On windows, if you use Dev-C++, you can install it and create a derived project with the instructions there. Otherwise, check the FAQ.
On Macs, you're on your own !